Four images of BU students on video calls, from left to right, top to bottom: Jack Marciano (CAS’22) coloring with oil pastels, Archelle Thelemaque (COM’21), Srushti Dhoke (CAS’22) and Jailyn Duong (COM’20) dancing.

Life Inside: BU Students on How They’re Adjusting to Social Distancing

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A portrait photo of Micki Krimmel

Superfit Hero: Making Fitness More Inclusive

Center for Regenerative Medicine researchers Aditya Mithal, Claire Burgess, and Andrew McCracken prepare samples collected from Boston Medical Center patients suspected to be infected with the novel coronavirus.
COVID-19 Testing

Facing Dire Shortages, 50 Boston Collaborators Develop Their Own FDA-Approved Coronavirus Test

Portrait of Megan Mastrorilli (CAS’22), cocaptain of BU women’s rowing team, with oars in the background
Student Life

Terriers in Charge: Megan Mastrorilli (CAS’22)